Different Techniques of Painting

Artist generally makes use of colors to come up with an admirable picture. A picture has the ability to communicate a thousand words. Therefore, the picture should be made as attractive as possible with all the ability to communicate what it is supposed to communicate. In painting, there are different techniques which can be used to come up with a good artistically work. The techniques are as follows:

1. Pouring

Pouring technique does not require the use of the paintbrush. In this style, the artist pours the paint of a given color on a given surface. Immediately, he or she again pour another color of pain just on top of the first one. He can do this repeatedly with different colors as desired. The paints in place, therefore, get to absorb one another so that a swirling pattern can be formed on the surface of the object which is being painted. The result may also be unexpected and so the technique is normally referred to as an accidental painting.

2. Digital painting

This is the most advanced technique of painting. It does not use paints directly as other techniques would do. In this case, the artist has to make use of the computer. There are software applications like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which can be used to do painting on images. In this case, the artist can come up with whatever he or she wants to paint. He or she then has to play around with the colors provided in the application to come up with the best painting.

3. Pulling and scraping

Pulling and scraping make use of both a brush and the paint. The brush is used to apply the paint to a two-dimensional surface. After enough paint has been put in place, the artist then uses a material of a hard surface but which is flat in shapes like a knife or a piece of wood to scrub off the pain gently. In essence, it is more of smearing to have the paint felt regularly on the surface.

4. Body painting

Lastly, body printing is another technique of painting. It sounds more practical than any other style. To carry out this painting style, some body parts, say the hand, the feet or even the whole body is dipped in paint, then transferred to a large piece of clear surface like a paper to make the print of the body part in question. If the paint is well spread, then the ideal body part can be recognized on the surface.

5. Splattering and dripping

This is the most common technique in painting which involves a lot of fun. It simply refers to the style of pouring paints of different but desired colors on a given material randomly without any use of the paintbrush. The end result is that the paints, having probably different densities will get spread randomly to make a required design. This technique is usually the basic level which children can be taught. The challenge with it is that the artist may not be sure of the end result. In painting your nails, how to remove gel acrylic nails depends on the technique used when applying the polish.

Painting is an interesting technique which can attract any person. The choice of a painting technique depends on a given person.